Rockin' Reptile


ROCKIN REPTILE takes the extra mile in making every shoe a WOW.

ROCKIN REPTILE designs are always distinctively fresh, being inspired by vintage Hollywood Glamour and Style and the modern Rock Diva -Edge and Attitude. What makes Rockin Reptile designs unique is its consummate synthesis of design awareness and quality. ROCKIN REPTILE aspires to bring that je ne sais quoi from our drawing board to the runway to you.


A life of glamour makes everything that much more electrifying and engaging. When you look fabulous you will feel fabulous and go on to make an impact!
-Shan Tan
Creative Director of ROCKIN REPTILE


The ROCKIN REPTILE Research and Team of in-house designers work diligently to bring customers the latest in technology, materials, leathers and shoe accessories.


ROCKIN REPTILE refuses to compromise on comfort to produce runway worthy products.

Being both a retailer and a manufacturer we are able to gain first hand feedback from our customers as to their requirements.


With fine craftsmanship and handmade by experienced shoemakers, each shoe is of the finest finishing and individually handmade.


In the fast paced world of ever changing trends now fashionistas can afford to be at the forefront of fashion without breaking the bank!


ROCKIN REPTILE values your satisfaction. The company provides a very competitive after sales service. They want their customers to relish the ROCKIN REPTILE experience.